Here’s a good question to write on a Post-it Note and put on your desk: “What assets do we have right now that we’re not taking advantage of?” - Bill Walsh
Embed view of an active trip with geofences

You can only improve what you can measure. Asset tracking opens the road to better asset utilization by revealing opportunities to take advantage of your assets.

While telematics does a great job of tracking vehicles, drivers carrying supercomputers with powerful sensors in their hands (mobile phones) open a new opportunity–asset tracking through the mobile app. Or in-app telematics.

Forward-thinking fleet and workforce managers are building apps for their teams to manage work while on the go. HyperTrack makes these apps location-aware. In-app telematics provides powerful insights on the fleet's key performance indicators.

Read on for a tutorial on building in-app telematics into your workforce app, illustrated with actual product screenshots.

Track your first asset in under 10 min

Step 1

Add one of our SDK to your work app and start tracking immediately.

You will see your newly tracked device showing up on the dashboard. Click on the location dot to open the device detail page (<device_id>). Copy the Device ID from the URL for step 2.

Step 2

Create a Trip with a list of places the asset might visit through the day.

Don't like cURL? Use this Postman Collection

The Trips API responds with an embeddable tracking URL: views.embed_url. Copy it for the next step.

Step 3

Embed the tracking URL as an iFrame in your operations dashboard.

Embed trips view
An ongoing trip with geofence details

The tracking experience

In-app telematics is a powerful way to track your business assets on the move and improve asset utilization, workforce productivity, and business efficiency. Check out how you can review a particular device using the dashboard. The images below show the actual dashboard views you can use to accomplish your goals.

Where are the assets right now and which ones are stationary?

Device overview filtered by activity status "stop"

What’s happening with a particular asset?

Single device view with trips overview

How’s the day been so far?

Overview of a worker's day

Oh and there’s more...


You can use webhooks to get notified about geofence arrivals, exits, trip completions, device updates.

Webhook payload for geofences enter

Restrict views

You can control who can view which assets by filtering device views on metadata.

Set device metadata filter for embed view
Devices filtered by vehicle_type "scooter"

HyperTrack Placeline sample app

You can use our open-sourced Placeline sample app to take a closer look at the integration or to start building your own operations dashboard.

Now, tell us what more you want!

Add feature requests to our public board, hit the chat button on the dashboard, and more importantly: Build awesome location-aware apps!