You can’t check out at the grocer’s by just guessing what’s in your cart—so your business shouldn’t calculate expenses or make payouts just using a map. Good news: it’s easy to use live location to capture trustworthy and auditable trip logs, and automate distance-based reimbursements and payouts.

HyperTrack measures the actual distance traveled and the time spent at each customer location or jobsite, and adds these to QuickBooks in real time. All it takes is a click. Just connect your QuickBooks Online account to HyperTrack using our new QuickBooks app.

Already using HyperTrack for distance payouts? Connect your QuickBooks Online and HyperTrack accounts using our step-by-step guide.

Want to get started? Deploy our pre-built Android and iOS tracking apps to your fleets and contractors without writing a single line of code. Real-time tracking begins as soon as you clock in.

Now what?

If you have requests for other tools integrations—accounting, expensing, field service, delivery management, ERP…—reach out. You can just send an email, find us in the HyperTrack Slack community, or book a time to talk

(Do you use Salesforce? Step to the front of the line: we need help testing our upcoming Lightning connector, coming this winter.)

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