India has entered the calm after the chaos of the pandemic’s second wave. The nation is in the grips of a medical health emergency. Health care infrastructure has been torn by the scarcity of doctors, nurses, vaccinations, medicines, and oxygen cylinders. The surge in mortality punctuates the silence in the air.
The situation is alarming, and there is a sense of urgency to overcome with the deadlier second wave of the virus at the earliest. Meanwhile, the citizens’ essential needs—food, groceries, pharmacy—must be taken care of while staying safe.
With much of the nation in extended lockdown, on-demand delivery businesses shoulder a large burden of the responsibility to service essential needs. Once again, these businesses have experienced a sharp uptick in their operations even as external conditions get more hostile.
How can businesses service this spike to keep their customers safe, while protecting the health and safety of their delivery superheroes?

Delivery superheroes—the backbone of your delivery business

Your delivery business runs on the back of your delivery superheroes. While the nation is implementing stay-at-home orders and social distancing practices, home deliveries have been keeping the momentum up for the ecosystem and essential needs of many.
Delivery agents, the unsung heroes, are risking their lives every time they step out to deliver your products. The relatively uncelebrated individuals are the bridge that connects your services with your customers, even in these challenging times. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they are the backbone of your delivery business.

Time to celebrate their contribution—the least we can do

When we talk about businesses, we discuss strategies, tips to maximise the ROI, reduce the investment, and retain the customers. Delivery partners are seen as cost centers. Sensing the need of the hour, this article is dedicated to celebrating the productivity, health and safety of your delivery superheroes.

Add-on features in your delivery app to safeguard delivery agents

As the nation continues to intensify efforts to flatten the curve of the deadly virus, home delivery services will be the right approach to keep the essential services on. Here are a few of the features that your delivery app must have to ensure your delivery agents remain safe and healthy.

Eliminate phone calls while on the field

Use location intelligence to automate assignments, routes and tracking, and eliminate phone calls. This upgrade will help your logistic platform to plan routes efficiently, help drivers focus on the job at hand and help them deliver essential services to more homes in the shortest possible time. Finishing their shifts in less time and higher efficiency will reduce their stress too.

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Help them find addresses better

One of the biggest struggles for delivery superheroes is to find the customer’s delivery address. By adding geotagging to your delivery app, customer’s delivery locations marked by previous delivery superheroes will help the next one benefit from their work. Turn your delivery superheroes into cartographers with a simple addition. This will save time, reduce anxiety and help reach more customers in less time.
Embed geotagging to your existing app and mapping solution, and help your delivery agents excel in their field performances.

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Dynamically manage changes and exceptions

Your delivery app needs a dynamic routing system that can automate last minute changes and reroute tasks based on the new scenario. Manual exception handling does not scale, and leaving the system unaware of on-field changes leads to confusion among fleet managers, merchants, customer support and end customers. Integrating this capability into your existing order management system through APIs will help your delivery agents get notified immediately about last-minute cancellations and help them save time on the field.
Connect with us to get all the required integrations working flawlessly in your existing delivery app.

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The more you deliver, the faster we recover

The more you deliver, the more your customers get the essential services they need and when they need it. Delivery superheroes fulfill their goal to keep everyone safe and stress free, and get good rest after a hard day’s night.

We would love to get on a call to learn more about your business and how we can help your delivery superheroes deliver more safety in these unprecedented times.