Back in February, this Forbes article hit the nail on the head summarizing the state of the economy: “There is a white-collar Richcession while the blue-collar and frontline workers see wage growth and more job opportunities”.   At HyperTrack, we are seeing this first-hand with our customers, on-demand labor marketplaces such as WorkWhile and Traba who are driving massive transformation in how hourly and shift labor - warehouse, delivery, stadium, and restaurant workers - get better opportunities while the employers scale up with flexibility across all of the United States.

All growth comes with its growing pains, and gig work is no exception. Consider this scenario - The worker showed up for a job at the warehouse for sorting and packing shipments. The shift started at 9:00 am and runs through 5:30 pm.  The worker hit the button “End shift” on their mobile at 5:30 pm and claimed that they were at the job for the entire shift except for a 30-minute State mandated break.  After seeing the charge for the full shift (8 hours), the warehouse manager called customer service, asserting that the worker left at 4:30 pm and was at the warehouse for 7 hours, not the full 8 hours. In today's dynamic labor landscape, managing these flexible workforce issues pose significant challenges.

How does the customer success team resolve this situation? If the worker is paid for the full shift for eight hours, the customer (warehouse manager) is upset and will likely consider other options for sourcing their next batch of on-demand labor. If the worker is paid for seven hours, they may not pick up another shift in the future using the marketplace app. Multiple on-demand labor skill sets are in short supply, with touch competition for the local talent, so losing the workers, especially a good worker who was right about them finishing their shift is bad for business. The on-demand marketplace team is caught between a rock and a hard place! From inaccurate time tracking to these shift management scenarios, businesses encounter hurdles in ensuring transparency and efficiency in workforce management.

Enhancing Workforce Optimization with Automated Employee Time Tracking

There’s a simple and elegant solution to the problem. HyperTrack provides a mobile SDK that is integrated into the worker app with the opted-in location data for the duration of the shift. A geofence is established around the warehouse location prior to the beginning of the shift.  As the worker shows up for their 9:00 am shift, they are automatically clocked in no need to press a button on the App or do anything else!  As the worker takes a break and steps out of the warehouse for their break, the break time is logged automatically.  Lastly, as the worker wraps up their day and leaves the warehouse, geofencing detects the event and clocks them out in the system: no need to press a button!  The operations team can even replay the shift to see the worker's movements throughout the shift.

Effective workforce optimization hinges on this type of  accurate employee time tracking. HyperTrack enables employee time tracking solutions that empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and boost productivity. With precise insights into employee time usage, businesses can optimize scheduling and enhance overall workforce efficiency.

So, instead of He Said, She Said, you now can turn to HyperTrack and ask “What does the Data Say?”.  How easy is it to implement HyperTrack to add the said functionality into your worker app? Over 300 customers have implemented HyperTrack into their worker or driver app in one or two engineering sprints, in as little as 2 to 4 weeks!

Start your journey today with HyperTrack’s free trial and we would love to hear from you on how you are handling the “He Said, She Said” challenges in your organization.