Happy Customers. Revenue Growth. Quick Expansion. Do these words resonate with your delivery business goal? Let’s see how fast and far you can achieve them in the existing on-demand space.

Competitive options make it easy for customers to start looking for other options if they do not get desired experience through your services.

Are you confident that your services are reaching your customers in the expected time frame, or are you on the verge of losing your potential customers? In both scenarios, you might be happy to know that we have decoded the ground level strategies that can make your delivery business a preferred option for your customers!

Breaking the Stereotypes

Many delivery start-ups are under the impression that customers prefer nearby options when ordering through delivery apps. Is it true? Not completely.

"Nearby service providers are not a priority!" Getting timely services from the service providers is the priority.

We understand that you already have fully functional consumer and driver apps that mark your presence as a marketplace aggregator in the delivery space. But is your app doing enough?

Here are a set of questions to self-evaluate your delivery service’s proficiency.

  1. Is your delivery agent delivering the services within the expected ETA?
  2. Is the delayed delivery rate trending up compared to successful on-time deliveries?
  3. What matters to you the more—number of successful deliveries or the number of timely deliveries?
  4. Are you losing your customers to competitors because of the delivery experience?
  5. Do your delivery agents complain about long routes?
  6. Do you think your delivery agents are not performing as expected?

And finally….

7.  Are your delivery agents taking the right routes?

If you have pondered over any of the questions above and feel that you can do better about these processes, this is how you can improve your existing operations with a few smart additions.

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Tracking the right route for your delivery agents

Your services might be great. Your agents might be the most efficient field workers at the moment. But do you know that a single mistake of not choosing the optimum route by your agent can lead to disaster? No matter how excellent and efficient your services and agents are, you are getting penalized for every delivery that is getting delayed and missing the customer’s expected time frame.

You need to take control of the situation with more dependable route planning and measurable route tracking. Learn how other successful players are doing efficient business with happy and timely field deliveries.

It might be challenging to always deliver the perfect route that meets all your requirements while pursuing a profitable delivery business. But what if you can get all the required integrations and processes in your existing apps while offloading some of our server and maps costs? All you have to do is connect all the touch-points and get the process rolling.

Does that mean you need to rework your app or invest in another app?

Without making you anxious, let us tell you the smartest and swiftest solution to own the location intelligence automation journey with every delivery that goes into action.

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HyperTrack: Getting things right for your delivery business

HyperTrack plays a vital role in making sure that your delivery agent is taking the right routes to delivery on time. Additionally, how can you remotely keep an eye over the driver’s movement?

The answer is: Trips and Orders! The addition of HyperTrack SDKs to your existing apps will allow you to generate accurate, real-time and battery efficient ground truth for individual drivers and fleet members. You can get a bird’s eye view of the live routes, ETAs, delays and no-shows embedded in your existing ops dashboards. This can significantly help you monitor your driver's timeline from the very beginning till the moment the order is completed.

Simplifying your operational process and driver’s efficacy—HyperTrack supports happy and timely deliveries to your customers.

Want to know more about how we can make it happen for your business? Lets get on a call to discuss more!