Introducing the Nearby API

Supercharge on-demand routing by finding every device near a point of interest

The new Nearby API locates app users on demand, figures out which ones are near a location of interest, and returns them as an ordered list with nearest first.

  • Filter based on metadata to find drivers with specific skills or vehicle types
  • Find workers near service locations or pickup addresses to decrease turnaround time
  • Accurately calculate routes and share delivery ETA to increase customer satisfaction
  • Power on-demand dispatch and routing without continually tracking every device

This is a powerful toolkit for building dispatch and route automation—and it’s just the beginning. Based on feedback from early users at high-growth startups here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re building additional app and dashboard views, improved performance, support for scheduled orders, and more powerful routing functionality.

Learn more in our step-by-step guide to dispatching work to nearby devices. If you’re interested in influencing development of these tools and securing early access to new features, reach out.

New SDKs for Cordova, Ionic

It’s never been easier to use HyperTrack functionality in Android applications built with Apache Cordova or Ionic. In case you missed it: earlier this week, we released plugins and documentation for installing our SDKs into mobile application projects.

These complement our existing SDKs for React Native, Flutter, iOS, and Android development. Watch this space as we add still more new ways to develop powerful live location intelligence applications.

HyperTrack needs you

HyperTrack is, and always will be, API-first, but there are so many additional ways to make it easier for businesses to harness our technology—especially now, with COVID forcing entire industries to modernize logistics and delivery.

HyperTrack is investing in partnerships to accelerate adding new integrations and distributions, which means we want to talk to you. Whether you’re a builder with feedback on our APIs, a solutions architect or channel vendor, or an entrepreneur looking to power new features, let’s chat.

Just reply to this email, or snag a time to talk.

How does live location increase NPS participation?

This week, we talked to Partha Sarkar of Groundworks, which runs the country’s fastest-growing basement and crawlspace repair firms, about using HyperTrack geofences and webhooks to power “on my way” customer notifications and trigger post-service customer prompts. In the process, he also figured out how to make the CMO happy. Check it out.

Have a cool project to share? Let’s spread the word. We have plenty of time to chat with customers while California’s wildfires are keeping us all indoors.

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