In the age of Amazon, are you still struggling to compress your delivery time and delight your customers? Is the process to arrange and manage deliveries turning out to be a herculean task? So what’s next.

You need to find the right balance to cover all the aspects of your delivery processes. How? You need to pick delivery management software that integrates with your existing applications and extends its capabilities. Innovate by focusing on your delivery logistics, not your delivery technology infrastructure.

What is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery Management Software is a suite of digital logistic tools utilized to allocate, plan, optimize, and execute on-field deliveries. This single platform acts as a centralized control tower between the operations managers, drivers and customers. It integrates with online order management systems, customer support help desks, financial payout systems, employee management systems, customer-facing apps, warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, merchant or partner apps, and data lake infrastructure. Often the main components of delivery management software include a driver app and operations dashboard, and depends heavily on device-to-cloud location and mapping infrastructure.

The delivery management software can address difficult pain points of the delivery cycle efficiently.

Benefits of Delivery Management Software

It's the right time to introduce super-fast reliable deliveries and reduced operational costs in your on-demand business. Here is how delivery software can help accomplish it.

Location-based automation of the workflow

Do you belong to the group of retailers that still uses manual error-ridden spreadsheets to manage and track delivery activities? The process is burdened with miscommunications and repeated physical exhaustion in maintaining the records.

Or have you taken the next step to build your own delivery app where drivers receive online orders dispatched to them, and then mark them done as they go? This process is rife with unpredictable on-field behavior and exhausting disputes between the driver, ops team and customer about the ground truth.

We don’t want you to burn your energy in this monotonous task. It’s time to upgrade your delivery management system with location-based automation.

Location-powered delivery management will become your control tower to automate assignments, tracking and insights of your day-to-day delivery operations.

How will it benefit your business?

  • Operations teams will achieve more efficiency, visibility, productivity, asset utilization and predictability
  • Customer facing teams will experience more customer delight, higher NPS reduced support volumes and faster resolutions to escalations
  • HR & Finance teams will win more trust with employees and contractors, and reduce their overheads due to non-repudiation
  • Software development teams will see a productivity boost and go back to innovating on the core product, not location and mapping infrastructure
  • Business teams will experience faster time-to-market and make more data-driven decisions based on ground truth

Real-Time Tracking of Deliveries

You can only improve what you can measure. Irrespective of your fleet size, you need to keep an eye on your deliveries at all times. Real-time, accurate, and battery efficient location data is required in the cloud to implement this automation and is expensive to build. This is where location-based delivery management comes in. Tracking the location timeline of deliveries, geotagged with pickups and deliveries as they happen, logging of arrival and exits at key places, handling delays and no-shows as they happen, dispatching smarter based on nearest available drivers, and sharing live order tracking with customers and support teams. Employee management and financial systems can easily access accurate information about the actual distance travelled, time taken and reimbursable miles. Now you can move on from the arcane practices of relying on delivery agents for counting their working hours, delivery time and self-report mileage.

How will it benefit your business?

  • Operations teams will be able to measure the on-time performance and efficiency of delivery drivers, regional teams and vehicle fleets
  • HR & Finance teams can track accurate distances for every individual driver and order to increase trust in the system, drive better behavior and implement incentive schemes
  • Customer success teams will experience reduced anxiety due to higher visibility, lesser delays, and lower escalations

Dynamic Route Optimisation

Route Optimization is one of the most powerful concepts in the delivery business, but with great power comes great responsibility. There is no one-size-fit-all and every logistics set up has its own constraints within which they want to maximize delivery efficiency. Most businesses still depend on their drivers to manually work out the routes for their regular deliveries leaving room for more errors and delays. While there is acknowledgement of the ineffective strategy, implementing the right route optimization is hard.

Order assignments and route optimization is an area where machines can consistently do a better job than humans. Contrary to these conventional practices, switching to software that works with algorithms is a better idea. Delivering fast involves dispatching to the nearest available. Delivering cheap involves minimizing distance covered per order. Delivering on-time requires slot management of orders and drivers. Delivering more per day involves lifting other constraints and maximizing vehicle capacity utilization.

How will it benefit your business?

  • Operations teams will get more done in the same unit time and with the same unit resource
  • Customer success teams will see more deliveries get done in the promised slot time, leading to more happy customers
  • HR & Finance teams will find employees and contractors make more money because of getting more done
  • Business will see higher revenue growth and improved profitability

Powerful insights with location intelligence

Do you know who your real competition is? If you are looking to grow in the market, you need to compete with yourself and bring out your business’s better version everyday. Your business can not improve unless you can measure your performance, understand the bottlenecks and eliminate them one at a time.

Transitioning your delivery business with location-powered delivery software will help you power your decisions with historical data by customers, deliveries, drivers, regions, stores, vehicles, or any slice that you want to see it by.Get a graphical perspective of the pattern of your deliveries and make informed decisions.

The right delivery management software throws light on the actionable insights of your delivery business and help you identify the seasonality, peak hours and patterns of delivery orders.

A decision for today and forever!

Your delivery business needs a paperless approach to manage and adapt to the on-demand delivery ecosystem. You can own the top-notch delivery experience while paying for what you use and without making a huge one-time investment.

Choose delivery management technologies that scale with your business, give you the control over customizing toward your experience, integrate deeply with your existing applications, while meeting the specific needs of your on-demand business.  

Not sure about where to start? Let's get on a call to make it happen for your business.

Your tomorrow depends on today's decisions