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Build and test your live location app for FREE forever


Limited to 100,000 Events per month

Unlimited Devices

+ Trips

Unlimited Views

Unlimited API calls


No Exports

Public channel support only



Get your live location app to production


per device per month
($99 minimum)

Unlimited Events

Unlimited Devices

+ up to 10 Trips per Device on aggregate.

$0.20 per Trip thereafter

Unlimited Views

Unlimited API calls



Private channel support


Frequently Asked Questions

When does my card get charged?

At the end of the month. Partial months are pro-rated.

When does a device get counted for billing purposes?

When any locations are generated from the device during the month. We do not charge for device registration or initialization.

Do I get billed for every session viewed or number of devices viewing?

No. You are only billed for tracked devices. No additional fee for unlimited views of devices through web or native apps.

I have been testing HyperTrack with a few devices - why is my bill showing many more?

For privacy reasons, the mobile operating systems generate new device IDs at every re-install of an application. Our technology stack depends on device IDs to match tracking information. If you are facing this issue, please email help@hypertrack.com to get help.

Do you offer volume pricing for enterprises?

Yes. We offer volume pricing for over 5,000 devices or 50,000 trips. Please email help@hypertrack.com to get in touch.