Self-Improving Routes

Use Route Optimization validated by ground truth fulfillment data to learn better routes.

Key Capabilities

  • Minimize order delays by starting with optimized routes for your drivers
  • Manage fleet constraints like shift times, capabilities, etc  for correct order assignment
  • Track ground truth operations data to provide feedback to route optimization and improve routing over time



Use Cases

Live Order Tracking for Customers

Give customers and ops teams the order tracking data they need to enrich your delivery experience

  • Rapidly build live order tracking at scale for customers and ops teams with single API call
  • Provide operations teams with order visibility to address live issues, customer inquiries and improve efficiency
  • Delight customers with elegant tracking experiences and reduce customer calls

Dispatch Orders to Nearby Drivers

Support on-demand orders with ease using HyperTrack APIs

  • Increase on-time fulfillment rates and automate the process to dispatch orders
  • Decrease delayed orders by dispatching closest driver
  • Dispatch orders to drivers based on drive time from live location to order destination with one API call

Order Assignment and Route Optimization

Assign orders to drivers and optimize routes to improve your last mile delivery performance

  • Optimize resource utilization by assigning orders to closest drivers
  • Reduce cost per order by providing drivers with the best route to the fulfillment destination
  • Make deliveries more predictable by sharing delays and ETAs with consumers and ops teams