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Why your service fleet needs HyperTrack

Empower your field services with location automation APIs


• Increase NPS with the right nudge at the right time
• Proactive resolution before they happen
• Better coordination on visit arrival


• Eliminate manual intervention at every stage
• Improve asset utilization, coverage and completion
• Smarter routing that gets smarter over time 


• Non-repudiation of stop, route and idle times
• Credible incentives and payouts for fleets
• Focus on work, not on reporting


• Correlate visit and route times with outcomes
• Understand bottlenecks and ineffiencies
• Add location intelligence to own analytics systems

Loved by thousands of businesses

“The customer knows exactly when to expect the inspector... it helps our field service. inspector and also the customer”

Partha Sarkar

Director of Software Development

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“We allow customers to define operational rules for productivity, once they apply those rules the last mile delivery on the mobile app gives them a list of prioritized tasks for that day.”

Hari Dutt

Director of Product Management

Case Study

Solving field service problems

Fast and easy solutions to on-the-ground problems of field service fleets

Problem: Measuring Productivity

How is time spent on the field and is it commensurate with outcomes? Breaking field time into stop, route and idle time, and then matching it up with business outcomes delivered from those visits is critical for any field service operation. Automatically measuring productivity with this location intelligence will lift the efficiency of your operations across the board.

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Read more about Geotags and Geofences APIs to measure visit times and routes. Review this data by team, customers, regions, partners and more to get insights about bottlenecks. Correlate visit times with outputs to score productivity and put together a plan to continuously improve scores.

Problem: Customer Disputes

When the customer complains about on-time arrival or time spent at the place of work, and the employee claims differently, disputes get hard to resolve and erode trust. Ground truth with non-repudiation is critical for resolve the dispute powerfully. Coordinating across systems and employees is crucial for providing the best customer service. 40% of fleet managers[1] spend 2 hours a day to keep customers informed.

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HyperTrack captures the ground truth of the driver's location, timelines, actual distances, accurate routes and time spent. Our Trips APIs help you to get live location, routes, ETAs, and delays. Provide turn by turn visibility to customers, merchants, partners, customer support and field operations teams with embeddable views.

Problem: Inefficient Scheduling

20% of an ops manager's time[2] is spent manually creating the work schedule for their fleets. An average of 140 hours is wasted yearly in setting up the manual work schedule, resulting in reduced productivity and higher scheduling errors. Smart automation results in shorter wait times and a better service experience.

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HyperTrack offers smart order assignment and routing with automated dispatch of on-demand orders to the nearest available employees, and optimal routes for scheduled orders to maximize visits and minimize cost. Besides visit locations, route optimization factors in service capacity, service time and slot commitment.

Problem: Higher Operational costs

Fleet management is a balancing act. You need to make sure customers are happy, fleet is motivated, costs are under control and failure rates are low. Equipment failure, under-utilization of resources, and heavy travel expenses can lead to financial strain. How is time being spent on the field and where is cost getting drained are often the top questions bothering fleet managers.

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Adding live location visibility to field service solutions can help tackle rising costs. Mobile devices enable data access and real-time communication across multiple systems and databases. HyperTrack has created patented battery efficient technology that streams noiseless data to the cloud, and serves a wide range of applications and use cases. You can plug it into your system or get started ready-to-use apps and dashboards with no code.

Problem: Unclear Bottlenecks

Managing field service operations at scale is complex and difficult. Too much time is spent generating reports, sheets and paperwork. Yet fleet managers lack a deep and holistic view of their operations. Looking at field operations by fleet, customer, place, outcomes or any parameter of choice should be easier.

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HyperTrack converts contextual location data into actionable insights for your business. Insights for field employees, geotags, geofences and orders may be organized by contextual metadata from your application. This data easily ingests into data lakes or business intelligence platforms to add location intelligence to existing models and systems.

Find the right APIs to plug in to your field service solution

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The HyperTrack QuickBooks app: one-click automated distance tracking and financial payouts

HyperTrack measures the actual distance traveled and the time spent at each customer location or jobsite, and adds these to QuickBooks in real time.

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What is Field Service Management?

Field Service management incorporates streamlining and automation of processes like assignment, task scheduling, route navigation and bird-eye tracking of on-job field agents. It helps accomplish the efficient dispatching, en routing and monitoring of the field agents using software, workflows and real-time communication.

What are the common challenges of Field Service Management?

Field Service Management may face ground-level challenges while dealing with customers and field agents. Accurate resource allocation (avoiding overlaps or forgetting to assign), meeting customer expectations( dealing with unexpected delays, avoiding no show-up of agents), controlling the overhead cost, solving on-field conflicts are a few to name.

How many times can we reroute the task for the field agent?

We understand how last minute-cancellations and changes can disturb the whole route navigation. En routing your field agent to comply with the new changes helps you to overcome the challenge. And we at HyperTrack, believe in helping you every time. You can reroute the task as many times as it is required. To know more about it, you can always contact our location mapping experts. 

What insights can be given by Field Service Management Software?

A robust field service management software facilitates quick access to the field agent’s location timeline, location history, distance travelled (mileage tracking), and time spent on the field. The live location tracking enhances the ops visibility and hence, contributes to adding operational efficiency and transparency.

How much does it cost to upgrade the fleet app with location APIs?

We have a starter plan that comes free of cost and is recommended for implementation and testing before moving to production. Once you plan to go for production, you can choose from the existing plans.

How many devices in total can we track with the HyperTrack visits app?

We offer a scalable platform to allow our valued customers to expand their operations without worrying about the tracking devices count. With HyperTrack, you can experience flexibility and freedom to start or stop tracking of “ n” number of devices. We are constantly upgrading our product to fit all size businesses. You can subscribe to our product updates newsletter to stay updated.

Is there any way to keep track of the offline field agent?

We are constantly endeavouring to bring location intelligence by tracking the movement of your logistic business. However, we suggest you talk with our location expert to understand it better! The no-code, ready to use SDKs offer a wide range of features to track and measure the on-field outages. Once the offline device gets online, you can get insights from the data.