Field Service Management

Workforce Automation for Field Service Management with Location Intelligence from HyperTrack

Oil & Gas


Foundation Repair

Site Inspection
& Maintenance

Equipment Service
& Repair


Make your operations more transparent with data that empowers your operations teams with live location tracking to drive efficiency and accountability in the field


Reduce errors and time spent logging data in the field with automated workflows based on the requirements of your business and operations

Continuous Improvement

Capture the data necessary to understand your field operations at a granular level, answer the important questions that allow your team to continuously improve performance

Modernize Operations

Build the features that keep your field operations in sync with the business, from mobile apps with the best routes for field technicians to real-time notifications for ops teams, deliver the tech to meet the expectations of the on-demand economy

HyperTrack SDKs and APIs Support Scheduled and On-demand Field Service Work

Proof of Work

  • Proof-of-work record based on the ground truth
  • Automate workflows and seamlessly verify completed work at job, customer, and regional sites

Full Visibility

  • Success teams real-time alerts
  • View progress of field service technicians – from assignment to completion

Reduce Dev Cycles

  • Integrate HyperTrack mobile SDK in two weeks
  • Enable your field service teams with apps that leverage location intelligence for routes, maps, and notifications

Case Studies

W Energy Uses HyperTrack APIs to Build Mobile Apps for Field Technicians

By building custom workflows that are dependent on logistics and location data, W Energy is able to fully support their customers. The team was able to build a workflow management tool, JOYN, to connect the enterprise to the field; so management can receive required reporting and operations teams can coordinate tasks for field service technicians in real time.

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HyperTrack Helps Groundworks Automate Workflows for Technicians in the Field

By implementing the above solutions Groundworks was able to experience many benefits in terms of both their NPS score and the field service agents' usage of the feature that sends customers an arrival notification. The team was able to create a customer friendly inspection experience, with automated messages indicating expected arrival, departure and a post-departure survey.

The usage of the enroute notification increased to 75%-80% from 15%-20% and the completion of the NPS survey also increased significantly in the periods immediately following the implementation. Due to the increased amount of customer satisfaction data, Groundworks executives are able to have a better insight into their primary KPI - customer happiness.

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HyperTrack and HubSpot Accelerate Field Sales and Service Performance at India’s Edutech Juggernaut LEAD School

With HyperTrack, LEAD School can track important sales funnel metrics like the duration of long account manager visits to schools, how many meetings were held before a contract was signed and even how many meetings were held before a contract was lost. Providing this data to sales and operations managers takes the guesswork out of understanding how field teams interact with customers.

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Watch Replays from Logistic + Tech Summit

Nov 15, 2022

Building next generation tech for field service management

9:30 am

Field Service Case Study

9:30 am - 9:55 am 


“W Energy improves productivity for field service with last mile logistics tech”

Shrivan Kamdar

Director of Product Management, 

W Energy

10:00 am

Field Service Executive Roundtable

10:00 am - 10:25 am 


“Improving field service reliability and productivity with Logistics Tech”

Akshay Buddiga

Co-founder & CTO, 


Conor Lyons

Associate Founder, 


Christine Ricci


Liquid Mobile