An aggregate view of your fleets operations powered by location intelligence

HyperTrack isn’t just live location tracking; it’s also a wealth of data about your mobile operations—data that can help spot inefficiency, optimize your routing and ETA tracking for assignments, and unlock new value. This data has always been available in scoreboard views and exportable data, but we’re happy to announce a powerful new tool adding location accuracy: Insights.

Free to every HyperTrack user, Insights is an interactive way to explore operational location timeline data with maps, filters, groups, and exports. It’s never been easier to discover bottlenecks, spot outliers, understand your fleet's performance in context, and start turning questions related to eta tracking into answers.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity – Sun Tzu

Query and interact with mileage tracking data from trips, geotagging, geofences, and even individual tracked users, then easily download any query as a CSV to share with team members, or import into 3rd party BI suites.

Users of metadata profiles will be at the helm of their business with the grouping and filtering capabilities of Insights. Profiles associated with your users, trips, and places will display alongside aggregates, providing context and clarity. Tabular data can be grouped by these profiles, by outage reasons, or by user. Once grouped, it becomes easy to compare segments of location tracking data.

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Its dangerous to go alone; take this!

Visually explore fleet operations with asset tracking gps using hands-on data visualization. Insights provides context-relevant maps for each of our top level APIs–exposing delays, tracking eta,deviations, and no-shows with color coded cues. As you explore these, sortable and filterable location timeline data tables update automatically.

View all of your your fleet's stops empowering location intelligence

Show displacements in time and space from destinations
Identify delays and route inefficiencies between geofences
Visualize your fleet's route with geotags

Get started now

Learn more about Insights in our guide, or dive right in: Insights is now available in the HyperTrack dashboard. And watch this space—we’ll continue to add additional visualizations for location intelligence and ways to explore. It’s never been easier to learn from your location timeline data and create value with the location logistics cloud.

To know more about it, feel free to connect with us.

Header photo by Dennis Kummer on Unsplash