Hourly and Shift Work

Workforce Automation for Gig Work and On-demand Delivery with Location Intelligence from HyperTrack



Light Industrial


At Home Service

Eliminate surprise no-shows and delays

Optimize candidate reliability by tracking arrival and departure times and automating clock in and arrival notifications

Backfill faster for last-minute cancellations

Find nearby, eligible and available workers with location intelligence

Reduce overstaffing

Improve operational visibility to reduce the need for overstaffing

Automate payment dispute resolution

Verify payouts based on live location, time spent at specific sites, and distance traveled instead of error prone manual reporting

HyperTrack SDKs and APIs Support On-demand, Hourly, and Shift Work

Proof of Work

  • Provide indisputable proof-of-work record based on the ground truth
  • Resolve discrepancies in hours worked,break times, andworker location during shift

Full Visibility

  • Operations and customer success teams real-time alerts
  • Manage no-shows, delays, unexpected absences and other on-demand labor exceptions

Reduce Dev Cycles

  • Integrate HyperTrack mobile SDK in two weeks.
  • Enable your gig work apps with location intelligence at scale

Case Studies

Traba Uses HyperTrack APIs to Create a Single Source of Truth for Worker Payments

By implementing the HyperTrack solutions, Traba was able to visualize the entire employee journey. While HyperTrack location data provided detailed live location data and automatic clock-in and clock-out functionality, all visible to operations teams via dashboards – the key metric they started tracking was on-time arrival rate.

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Gigable Builds On-demand Delivery and Workforce Solutions with HyperTrack

Handling location is fundamental to performance in the on-demand economy. By using HyperTrack’s APIs to build technology to streamline all location related functions within their stack, the team was able to see immediate benefits. Despite the lean org structure of the Gigable engineering team, they are able to deliver the type of functionality that their largest competitors like Uber and Doordash can deliver to their customers.

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