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Why your gig work business needs HyperTrack


• Dynamically match workers with orders on demand
• Improve completion rates and on-time performance
• Drive network efficiency by doing more in less time


• Reward and celebrate top performers same day
• Proactively intervene for adherence in real-time
• Relieve customer anxiety and improve NPS


• Proactively handling no shows and delays
• Get a bird's eye view of what matters most
• Understand and fill efficiency gaps


• Automate time and distance based payouts
• Unlock benefits with predictable unit economics
• Build trust by charging and paying in a fair way

Loved by thousands of businesses

"By receiving this data through webhook streams, Traba is able to see workers in real-time and gain apulse on what is happening in the field in an aggregate view without depending on staff and service providers to manually provide status updates."

Case Study

Solving gig work problems

Smart and real-time solutions for fast-changing gig businesses

Problem: Lack of Accountability

Flexible workers are like entrepreneurs. They like being their own boss. Yet you must deliver a consistent and reliable service experience to customers. Balancing worker empowerment and customer experience is difficult. In a recent survey, 77% of freelancers say technology makes it easier to work[1].

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Mobile devices enable data access and real-time communication across multiple systems and databases. HyperTrack has created patented battery efficient technology (on mobile devices) that streams noiseless data to the cloud, and serves a wide range of applications and use cases. You can plug it into your system or get started ready-to-use apps and dashboards with no code. We are constantly evolving with the fast changing location and mapping ecosystem and staying updated so you can focus on building your business.

Problem: Inaccurate Payouts and Billing

In a TIME survey, around 50% of organizations said that gig workers are harder to retain[2]. Gig workers are paid per job and not as permanent employees. Most of the jobs require on-ground travel and are time bound-services. Businesses often struggle to get transparent payouts for a particular job done. If not evaluated thoroughly, it can damage the brand, increase the attrition rate and reduce trust.

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HyperTrack captures the ground truth of the worker's location, timelines, actual distances, accurate routes and time spent. Our distance-based financial payouts is powered by app location, sensors, cloud and mapping technologies, thus ensuring fair payouts.

Problem: Low Utilization

20% of an ops manager's[3] time is spent manually scheduling tasks. Delayed scheduling results in higher unoccupied hours of works, increasing their anxiety and reducing their earnings. Not to mention the loss of business due to inability to capture available demand.

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HyperTrack offers a system that makes on-demand dispatch and scheduling smarter. Whether you are looking for fully automated assignment of on-demand orders, or wish to extend your own algorithms with location intelligence to find nearest workers and track the order, our APIs will work for you. Solutions are available for fixed, flexible and on-demand routes.

Problem: Delays and No-shows

Customers do not like delays, poor communication or inconsistent service. No-shows are one of the most damaging things that can happen in the customer experience of a gig work business. It damages brand reputation, washes away long-earned loyalty, reduces retention rates, and increases worker and customer acquisition costs.

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Trips APIs help you to get live location, routes, ETAs, and delays. Live order tracking provides turn-by-turn visibility to customers, merchants, partners, customer support and field operations teams with customizable views.

Problem: Untrained Freelancers

In a TIME survey, around 50% of organizations said that gig workers are harder to retain[2]. Whether it is your warehouses, hubs, merchants, or fulfillment centers, businesses need to know how productive they are.
Managing gig operations is complex. Your fleet managers need a deep and holistic view of company operations. They should be able to view different performance parameters and analyze them.

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Our dashboards provide unprecedented location intelligence in context of your business. This lets you accurately measure and reward good performance by individual, team, region, line-of-business, and more. It helps discover areas of improvement, or where training is required.

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What is the gig economy?

The gig economy is a unique work engagement model where on one side, a service seeker (customer) demands a specific professional. On the other side, the service provider assigns the skilled tasker (gig worker) based on availability and skill sets. The gig economy is based on tech-enabled platforms that offer a quick allocation of services to freelancers, gig workers and part-time workers.

Why does my business need Gig work automation?

Gig work automation fills the gap between the expected efficiency and the existing one. It helps create a streamlined process of skill matching, task allocation and gig worker’s tracking while the job is on. Your business needs automation to boost efficiency, introduce transparency and control operational costs.

Is there any way to minimise operational costs through automation?

Yes. The automation helps get a transparent mileage tracking of your gig workers and allows a business to offer fair payouts. It helps in eliminating the risk of overpaying the gig workers. Also, the reduced no-shows, proactive handling of service requests and a visible workforce helps in cutting down the unnecessary operational expenses.

How many tasks can HyperTrack track?

HyperTrack is on a mission to empower your location-based logistics through its real-time tracking for visits, rides and deliveries. There is no need to limit your operations with us. You can track the “n” number of gig work tasks without any interruption through HyperTrack. Let us know if you face any challenges.

How long does it take to get started with the integration process of Gig work?

As quick as you wish. With an easy to install SDKs kit and detailed documentation, you can start the integration process quickly.  At HyperTrack, we have ready to deploy visits apps that can offer you an instant start. To know more, feel free to connect with us. 

What insights can we get from the dashboard about gig workers performance?

HyperTrack’s dashboard allows you to add location intelligence to your analytics system. From getting insights about the job completion rate to evaluating the best performers on the field, you can understand and work upon bottlenecks and resolve them before becoming a struggle for your business. To get a detailed overview, feel free to jump on a call with our experts.