PagarBook Expands Its Offerings and Drives Revenue by Leveraging HyperTrack's Location Intelligence Infrastructure







Field Service Management

Who is Pagarbook?

PagarBook is a solution that makes it easy to manage staff attendance, staff salaries, payments, and compliance. The company was founded in 2019 to help small businesses elevate how they manage HR functions.

PagarBook launched its platform with a mobile app, desktop app, staff app and a face attendance device called PB lens. These services were designed to streamline the human resource needs of businesses that are unable to implement these systems on their own. The mobile, desktop, and staff apps are centered around functionality related to attendance, payment information and even managing vendor expenses.

As they were building these services, the team realized that they needed more granular handling of location data to improve tracking job site arrival, on-shift activities, and job site departure. These detailed data points would bring deep value to companies that need to automate data capture, send notifications based on employee location, and build location-based functionality to support payments, rewards, and incentives.

In growth mode, PagarBook now has nearly 1 million SMEs on its platform operates within 650 districts in India, and supports 10 languages. The trajectory of Pagarbook is due to their approach to designing solutions for small businesses that see the importance of data transparency and digitizing staff attendance, salary calculation, and salary payouts.

A Technology Challenge

PagarBook had developed apps with location-based features, but their expansion revealed new requirements. The team needed reliability at scale, precise location data, and the flexibility to build custom workflows. To achieve this, the team realized that they would need significant expertise and a comprehensive roadmap to deliver these features.

The team envisioned that location intelligence would allow them to build admin dashboards, task assignment functions, a mobile app for admins, and a mobile app for staff.

These requirements meant the team would need to leverage mobile development, mapping expertise, and cloud technologies. At this point, the team sought outside help to manage route optimization, battery management for mobile apps, and live tracking.

After considering several options, the team decided to engage HyperTrack to leverage solution engineers and a location intelligence platform with SDKs and APIs designed to automate workflows for the modern workforce. 


HyperTrack SDKs and APIs power thousands of mobile apps for workers in the field. Customers use these SDKs to assign work, validate accurate payouts, and provide proof of work. Pagarbook implemented the following solution to address the gaps in the location component of their tech stack.

Together the above solutions allowed the team at PagarBook to transform their business. They expected to solve the location component of their tech stack, which would help them build better apps, and provide their customers with meaningful location data to enrich tracking and staff management features. This expectation was met and the result was even more significant.


PagarBook was able to build an advanced solution to track staff in the field. By leveraging HyperTrack's location intelligence infrastructure, PagarBook was able to expand its offerings and drive revenue. Customers of PagarBook can now subscribe to valuable features: see timelines, routes, and tasks documented at specific sites for employees.

PagarBook Geo is an easy-to-use solution to track your on-field staff, see timelines, the path traveled, and the tasks logged by employees. Small teams now have access to technology that was previously only achieved by large tech teams of the largest enterprises.

“We are excited to bring location intelligence to millions of PagarBook users with our PagarBook Geo product, powered by HyperTrack. Every business regardless of their size, can use PagarBook Geo to track their on field staff, see timelines, the path traveled, and the tasks logged by employees.”

Adarsh Kumar


PagarBook features include

Admin Web - live tracking and monitoring of employees' real-time whereabouts for efficient task management and timely deliveries throughout the day.

Timeline - effortlessly track the work timeline of each staff member, giving managers a bird's eye view of the progress of operations in the field at all times.

Dashboard - operations teams have an overview of total distance, time spent in motion, and rest time all in one convenient place.

Tasks - operations teams can easily view all individual data from staff members and filter it by date ranges and staff names.

Admin Mobile App - managers always have easy access to the PagarBook location tracking feature.

10x growth for PagarBook Geo users

These core features of the Pagarbook GEO product were made possible by partnering with HyperTrack.This new product has allowed PagarBook to boost revenue as its customers seek differentiated solutions that deliver a holistic view of critical metrics, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation. Since the product release, PagarBook has scaled the users for PagarBook Geo to over 6,000 in two months and expects to exceed 60,000 users in just six more months, driving substantial revenue and profits for PagarBook.

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