Gig Work Summit, Industry Conference Dedicated to Building the Next Generation of Workforce Automation, Announced for October 5, 2023

Conference Host HyperTrack Focuses on Real-World Case Studies, Panels and Interviews with Gig Work Marketplaces, Employers and Gig Workers; Call for Speakers Open Through September 14, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. - August  31, 2023, HyperTrack, the leader in workforce and logistics APIs, today announced Gig Work Summit, a virtual event for workforce and logistics builders and executives developing the next generation of technology for automating on-demand workforce. The virtual event will take place October 5, 2023 and will invite speakers from the workforce and logistics community. The Gig Work Summit call for speakers is open through September 14, 2023.

Gig Work Summit will host the world’s largest on-demand jobs and workforce community of 300+ companies across 80 countries, improving productivity, reliability and safety for gig workers in delivery, warehouses, factories, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, homes, offices,healthcare, energy, and heavy industrial facilities. Attendees will include employers, gig workers, technology builders and executives comprised of engineers, architects, product managers, chief technology officers (CTOs), and operations and engineering leaders. Attendees will gain insight into the workforce technology landscape, best practices for improving performance and reliability, and a deep dive into the core technology that’s powering leading-edge on-demand labor solutions.

“The United States has over 70 million hourly wage workers with gig work extending beyond food delivery and cab rides to every service in the US, Europe, Asia and worldwide. Gig economy is growing in triple digits, going from 2% of the total economy in 2020 to 20% in 2030 and traditional solutions for planning, assignment, tracking and verification of work can no longer keep up,” said Kashyap Deorah, founder and CEO of HyperTrack. “The Gig Work Summit will bring together the industry’s greatest minds to share knowledge through executive roundtables, business and technical case studies, and hands-on workshops that will equip attendees with the tools required to build and deliver cutting-edge workforce solutions for the gig economy.”

Gig Work Summit 2023 Call for Papers - Open Through September 14, 2023

Are you working on hiring and training gig workers? Are you working on improving fill rates for your gig work job listings? Are you focused on reducing no-shows and tardiness? Are you developing solutions to reduce payment disputes? Then we want you to present at the Gig Work Summit!

The conference will include keynote presentations from technology and business leaders. Our audience will benefit from a mix of business and technical presentations and hands-on workshops. Your submission may include best practices and case studies for one or more of the following topics:

  • Recruiting and Retaining Gig Workers
  • Improving the Gig Worker Experience
  • Enhancing Reliability and Safety for Gig Workers
  • Advancements in Workforce Technology
  • Past, Present, and Future of On-Demand Labor

Please submit your proposal by 11:59 pm PT on September 14, 2023 here.


To register for the free online event as an attendee, please visit:

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