Gig Work Summit

Oct 5, 2023

Building next generation tech for gig work and on-demand delivery



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Independent workers prefer gigs to permanent jobs

The jobs are moving from permanent to flex or gig work across multiple industries. Traditional solutions for planning, assigning, tracking and verifying work are unable to keep up!


On-demand labor companies do not have live tracking capabilities

Most companies providing on-demand labor want to improve performance, but do not use live location as a part of tracking service orders or automating check-ins to job sites.


Tech teams want to improve on-time performance

Companies who leverage on-demand labor optimize their tech stack to improve on time performance, this includes building mobile apps with map views and arrival notifications.

For Gig Work Tech Builder:
Engineer, Architect, Product Manager

Dig deeper into core technology powering the next generation of solutions for planning, assigning, tracking and verifying gig work, on-demand labor and shift work

Network with fellow tech builders

Discuss best practices for implementing key automations for all workflows pertaining to mobilizing on-demand workforce

For Gig Work Executive:
CTO,  Operations,  Engineering Management

Understand the landscape for workforce and logistics tech including latest advances and key considerations for different approaches: time-to-market, resources and total cost of ownership

Learn the best practices for improving performance and reliability of on-demand labor and shift work

Network with fellow executives

Join us to discuss the most current technologies supporting the critical workforce automations in today’s on-demand economy

Reduce Hiring Costs

Reduce cost of recruiting by 25% or more by adding live location tracking capability to determine candidate availability

Eliminate surprise no-shows and delays

Optimize candidate reliability by tracking arrival and departure times and automating clock in and arrival notifications

Increase Fill Rate

Ensure available candidates match with available vacancies - HyperTrack powered gig work marketplaces fill  over 95% roles vs traditional staffing agencies at 46%

Verify Payments

Verify payouts based on live location, time spent at specific sites, and distance traveled instead of error prone manual reporting


7:30 am

Value of focus: How we built Zenjob from a niche player to a leading staffing platform

7:30 am - 7:55 am 


When founding Zenjob we entered a very saturated market. Our strategy was to focus on a very tiny niche and gradually build a technology platform from one use case into an industry into a whole market to a business beyond €100m run rate and raised more than €100m in funding.

Fritz Trott

Founder & CEO, 


8:00 am

Opening keynote by Kashyap Deorah, founder and CEO of HyperTrack
Featured keynote speaker, Akshay Buddiga, Co-founder and CTO, Traba
Generative AI solution powered by the real-time location data

8:00 am - 9:00 am 


Join Kashyap Deorah the founder and CEO of HyperTrack for the opening keynote of the Gig Work Summit. Kashyap will share the key imperatives driving the massive growth in the gig economy from 2% of the global economy in 2020 to an estimated 20% in 2030.

Akshay Buddiga, Co-founder and CTO of Traba will share major shifts in the labor market with the gig economy, and best practices of hiring, managing, and retaining gig workers for a flexible, reliable, and efficient workforce.

The opening keynote will include the demonstration of the first-of-a-kind generative AI solution built on top of real-time location data for driving greater visibility and efficiency in gig workforce operations. 

Kashyap Deorah

Founder & CEO, 


Akshay Buddiga

Co-founder & CTO, 


9:00 am

Last Mile Logistics for Big & Bulky with Gig Workers

9:00 am - 9:25 am 


Join Yosh and Tarun from PartRunner as they share how they scaled up PartRunner with gig workforce to deliver big and bulky items for industrial suppliers such as Ferguson and Graybar and eCommerce giants including Amazon, Walmart, and Mercado Libre in the United States and Mexico. The session will cover the overview of the marketplace for last-mile logistics, how to hire, manage, and retain gig workers, and pitfalls to avoid for successfully scaling up your gig workforce for delivery.

Yosh Rozen

Founder & CEO, 


Tarun Aleti

Chief Product & Technology Officer, 


9:30 am

Automating Gig Work with HyperTrack Apps and Dashboards

9:30 am - 9:55 am 


Dive into the fundamentals of how HyperTrack automates workflows for operations teams, on-demand workforce, and end consumers with no-code apps and dashboards.

Aashish Subramanian

Director of Engineering - Applications, 


10:00 am

Executive Roundtable - “Past, Present, and Future of Gig Work”

10:00 am - 10:30 am 


Gig work industry leaders discuss the key business challenges, best practices, and new ways of addressing the needs of employers to hire qualified workers with flexibility while maintaining rigorous hiring standards.

Akshay Buddiga

Co-founder & CTO, 


Conor Lyons

Associate Founder, 


Christine Ricci


Liquid Mobile

Mike Zalle

Founder & CEO, 


10:30 am

Solution Showcase: Automating gig workforce for efficiency and reliability in delivery, healthcare, and light industrial

10:30 am - 10:55 am 


Is gig worker no-shows an issue for you?  Do you spend time working through payment disputes for hours worked? Is the gig worker showing up late for a shift without notice an issue for you? Ram will share the solution and best practices to minimize and eliminate bulk of these issues by automating the proof work, providing real-time visibility into when the worker shows up, when they take take breaks and when they are done with the shift and headed out.

Ram Kakkad

VP of Product, 


11:00 am

The Gig Economy - Solving Labor Gaps in Real Time

11:00 am - 11:25 am 


Hyer will present a macro view of the front line labor gaps across the retail & hospitality industries, and share how our solution is solving the current crisis. For the Tasker, finding work across several companies, and receiving pay the same day is a huge win. At the same time, on demand labor is solving the #1 pain point, and driving revenue for businesses.

Dan DelGiudice

VP Partnerships, 


11:30 am

Unlock Operations Efficiency: Asynchronous Hand-Off and Mini-Operational Hubs with Lockers

11:30 am - 11:50 am 


Unlocking operations efficiency is a game-changer. Imagine a world where you have on-demand access to over 25,000 locker locations where your team has instant access to essential components and tools or hand-off supplies. No more constrained time frames, no more idle waiting. It's a win-win; reducing labor costs, jobs are completed faster, and thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Take it to the next level with data analytics to track team behavior and inventory. It's not just a locker; it's a mini-operational hub fueled by technology.

Van Tucker

VP Technology Partnerships, 

Harbor Lockers/Luxer

12:00 pm

Navigating Payments & Compliance for the Gig-Economy

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm 


In this session, Kriti covers the trends in W2 Employee gig workforces from an HR, Tax Compliance, and Payment Compliance perspective. We will cover top problems staffing platforms face as they scale their gig economy volume. We will also cover exciting opportunities for gig platforms to easily build native payment products in a fast and affordable way.

Kirti Shenoy



12:30 pm

Navigating the Gig Economy: Ensuring Safety and Compliance on Gig Platforms

12:30 pm - 12:50 pm 


The rapid growth of the gig economy has transformed the way people work, offering flexibility and autonomy to millions of gig workers. However, as this digital ecosystem continues to expand, ensuring safety and compliance on gig platforms has become a pressing concern for stakeholders across the board. This panel discussion, titled "Navigating the Gig Economy: Ensuring Safety and Compliance on Gig Platforms," delves into the complex and evolving landscape of gig work, with a primary focus on safeguarding workers and promoting regulatory compliance.

Rilwan A. Lawal

Founder & CEO,