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Why your delivery business needs HyperTrack


• Ops visibility means more trust and less surprises
• Non-repudiation leads to higher trust with customers and field
• Payouts on actuals lead to higher trust in the network


• Delightful customer experiences lead to higher NPS
• Great partner experience leads to more business
• Better ops dashboards and apps lead to happier teams


• Proactive handling of exceptions makes everyone happier
• Notifying the right person at the right time is half the battle
• Automation makes business better and future-proof


• Measuring is the first step to improving
• Smarter assignments gets more done
• Dynamically manage changes & stay ahead

Loved by thousands of businesses

“Working with HyperTrack has allowed us to automate and optimize manual processes - our system now automates batching orders and creating trips”

Prashant Soni

Head of Product

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“We seamlessly integrated HyperTrack with our product. The choice was easy because HyperTrack was the best option”

Bernard Pratz


Case Study

Solving last mile delivery problems

Fast and easy solutions to on-the-ground problems of last mile delivery fleets

Problem: Complex Technology

76% of global transportation and logistics[1] companies believe in the mobile-first strategy for last mile operations, and two-thirds believe that reducing mobile downtime and ensuring timely technology updation is a top business concern.

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HyperTrack has created patented battery efficient technology that streams noiseless data to the cloud, and serves a wide range of applications and use cases. You can plug it into your system or get started ready-to-use apps and dashboards with no code. We are constantly evolving with the fast changing location and mapping ecosystem and staying updated so you can focus on building your business.

Problem: High Fuel Cost

Last mile delivery accounts for more than 50% of the total shipping costs[2], not only do your drivers have to spend a lot more time on the road to cover the same pickup and delivery points, it also costs you more in gas. Moreover, an incorrect address, trouble in getting access to the place, or waiting at these locations might lead to unpredictable delivery times and continuous customer anxiety.

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HyperTrack captures the ground truth of driver’s location timelines, actual distances, accurate routes and time spent. This information is used to make smarter routing decisions that help you get more done with the same resources in less time.

Problem: Unpredictable Delivery Time

On-demand apps have increased customer expectations around delivery time and real-time order visibility with live location is becoming table stakes. Customers want to know where their package is and when it will reach them.

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Read more about our Orders and Trips APIs to get live location, routes, ETAs, and delays. Provide turn by turn visibility to customers, merchants, partners, customer support and field operations teams with embeddable views. Non-repudiable trip replays act as electric proof of delivery and help resolve disputes and escalations.

Problem: Lower Efficiency

More than 61% of logistics[1] companies agree that last-mile delivery is the most inefficient process in the entire supply chain. This becomes more complex for multi-order trips involving route planning. Route planning can be confusing and challenging, consisting of multiple variables that must be taken into account. At the same time, manual order assignments are fraught with human errors and one mistake might lead to all hell breaking loose on the field.

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Read more about Nearby and Orders APIs for automatic assignment and route optimization of multi-order trips. Solutions are available for fixed, flexible and on-demand routes. Both, dynamic route optimization (DRO) and on-demand route optimization are supported. Routing factors in vehicle capacity, slot commitments, service times and delivery locations.

Problem: Measuring Productivity

Operations teams are largely unaware of the split between stop times, route times and idle times of their fleets. You can only measure what you can improve, and work hours on the field are a blind spot for most last mile delivery operations. Whether it is your warehouses, hubs, merchants, or fulfillment centers, businesses need to know how productive they are.

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Read more about Geotags and Geofences APIs to measure visit times and routes. Review this data by team, customers, regions, partners and more to get insights about bottlenecks. Correlate visit times with outputs to score productivity and put together a plan to continuously improve scores.

Find the right APIs to plug in to your delivery solution

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What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery refers to the final leg of the delivery process. The delivery supply chain of a product from manufacturer to customer entails the first mile, middle mile and last mile. Last mile is the final hop to the customer.

Why make last mile delivery automation an important aspect of your business?

Usually first and middle mile deliveries have a relatively smaller number of dispatch locations, delivery locations, and vehicles. Last mile deliveries usually have a much higher number of pickup and delivery locations, yet lower tolerance for mistakes. This leads to higher entropy and therefore lower efficiencies. This makes it important to automate processes to unlock efficiencies, lower costs, and deliver best in class customer experience.

What are the common last-mile problems?

• Longer routes leading to high delivery time and fuel consumption, and lower productivity and predictability
• Improper customer addresses resulting in longer delivery time, wasted hours and customer anxiety
• Lower operational efficiency due to unpredictable ETAs, route deviations & delivery executive availability, and unreliable customer experience
• Bottlenecks to scaling delivery operations due to limited delivery agents and slow onboarding

If you are looking for a quick solution to map final mile delivery problems, feel free to get in touch with experts.

Is there any cost-effective way to get started with last mile tracking at the earliest?

HyperTrack’s starter plan comes free of cost and is suitable for implementing and testing your location-based automation before going to production. As you plan to move out for production, there are different plans for efficient location tracking. Click here to know about the pricing structure in detail.

Can I add distance tracking to my existing delivery app?

Yes, the ready to use SDKs and APIs can be seamlessly integrated to your existing delivery apps and solutions. You can access our docs to get a detailed overview. You can also connect with our experts for a quick chat.

Can we automate our middle mile solution with HyperTrack?

Yes, you can add assignment, tracking and insights to your middle mile operations. The last mile of B2B supply chains is often confused with the middle mile of B2C supply chains. Whichever way you look at your business, the journey from ports & warehouses to hubs & stores is getting automated with mobile apps as well. If truck and van drivers are using mobile apps, HyperTrack SDKs & APIs can help with location-based automation and improve productivity.

How many users and orders can be tracked with HyperTrack?

HyperTrack offers a scalable platform with usage-based pricing. You can scale your operations up and down as you please, and regardless of your pricing plan, you will always pay for what you use. There are no usage limits in any of our production plans. Discounts get deeper with higher volumes and longer term commitments.

Is HyperTrack available worldwide?

Yes, we proudly serve businesses across sizes, industries and countries building location automation. With over one billion location pings per month and growing, we are happy to help your business join our growing user base.

How soon can I deploy HyperTrack to solve my last-mile delivery problems?

Customers have gone live in production within one sprint. We have built the product for self-serve onboarding and are available to provide support around the clock. Feel free to join our Slack support community and get started now.