Assign and route Orders


The Orders view is designed to help store managers efficiently plan and dispatch customer delivery orders. The view displays automatically created trips, which are assigned to members of a delivery fleet. When a trip is in progress, each delivery driver can be tracked using embeddable trip views, and customers may view live driver location through a shareable URL.

Getting started

1. Create a CSV file containing orders to be dispatched.

Prepare a CSV file containing one order per row. Here is a sample file:

The following fields are mandatory in the CSV:

order_idA unique ID that identifies each customer order.
scheduled_timeThe time before which the order needs to be delivered to the customer.
customer_addressThe address to which the order needs to be delivered.
customer_locationThe lat and long for the location.
pickup_addressThe address from which the package needs to be retrieved by the driver. This is typically the store or warehouse where the package is prepared and made ready for delivery.
pickup_locationTHe lat and long for the location from which the package needs to be retrieved by the driver.
service_timeService time in seconds required for service at the order destination.
scheduled_slotTime slot, specified with start and end times for the service at the order destination.

All other fields will be treated as order metadata, which could constitute information specific to the order such as item descriptions and quantities, special delivery instructions, and so on.

Once this CSV file is prepared, navigate to the Orders view and use the Upload button to select your file and upload the data. A successful upload will populate the orders into cards found in the sidebar.

2. Accept or Reject orders

The store manager can click on each order to view its scheduled time, customer address, and any order metadata. Click to accept or reject each order.

3. Plan orders into trips

Group orders into trip routes that a delivery driver can take to ensure that each customer receives their delivery on time.

Create a trip by clicking on New Trip. Select orders to include in the trip by choosing the cards from the left sidebar. Edit the orders as required; once confirmed, click Create Trip.


The trip route is generated based on the sequence of orders selected while creating the the trip.

Once a trip is successfully created, it appears in the trips table, where the orders for each trip can be viewed by expanding the row. It’s possible to edit and delete plans as long as a trip doesn’t contain any ongoing or completed orders.

Definitions for the fields in the trip table are as follows:

StatusStatus of the order. This can be one of the following values:
Accepted -- Order has been accepted and added to the trip
Assigned -- Order has been assigned a driver as part of the trip
Ongoing -- Order is being delivered by the assigned driver
Completed -- Order has been successfully delivered to the customer
order_idUnique ID provided to identify each customer order
scheduledThe time before which the order needs to be delivered to the customer
initialThe time at which each order delivery is started
actualThe relative time from the scheduled time at which the order was completed or is expected to be completed
destinationThe customer address to which the order needs to be delivered
deliveredThe relative distance between the customer address and where the order was actually completed

All other columns are populated from the order metadata.

4. Assign the trip to a driver

Assign a trip to a driver by selecting Assign Trip. A list of available drivers pops up. Select a driver and click Assign to assign the trip.

The assigned driver can be tracked when the trip starts.

5. Track the orders dispatched and share live tracking with customers

An ongoing trip can be viewed on the map by clicking on the View icon in the trip table row.

Each order has a shareable URL that can be sent to the customer to allow them to view the live location of the driver who is on the way to deliver their package.

The Orders view is a simple way to seamlessly plan and manage customer orders. Upload, plan, and assign your customer orders in a matter of minutes and use the power of the HyperTrack live location cloud to build a scalable, successful delivery business.


For questions or comments about orders view, please do not hesitate to contact us.