Workers List/Map view

We provide the ability to customize, show and hide elements in our embeddable Workers List/Map view. Each of the options can be provided as URL parameters to configure your custom embed experience.

map-onlytrue/falseDisplays the map only view with all drivers loaded.
hide-headertrue/falseHides the page header
hide-controlstrue/falseHides the entire controls section. For more fine-grained control, see the options below:
hide-searchtrue/falseHides the search bar
hide-filterstrue/falseHides the worker filters (ie, date selector, ops group filter & metadata filter)
hide-view-switchertrue/falseHides the button to switch between the map/list views
hide-driver-exporttrue/falseHides the driver export/download button
hide-driver-createtrue/falseHides the driver create/upload button
hide-chartstrue/falseHides the aggregate charts
driver-list-stateBase64 encoded stringBase64 encoding of a JSON object with fields described below
driver-list-state.ops_groupsArray of stringsList of ops groups to display drivers for
driver-list-state.driver_handlesArray of stringsList of driver handles to display
driver-list-state.trackingtrue/falseIf set to true, only displays drivers that are currently tracking
driver-list-state.status_filtersoptional array of strings. String value can be "active" / "inactive".

eg. ["inactive"]
Returns the drivers with the given statuses. This field is optional & if nothing is passed, all drivers are returned.
driver-list-state.profilestringJSON / JSON PATH expression for profile (metadata) values to filter drivers by.
JSON PATH can be used for applying an "OR" clause to metadata filters. For example, passing:"$ ? (@.c1 == \"New York\" | @.c2 == \"San Francisco\" \\ | @.c3 == \"London\")" as the value of profile will filter all drivers that have one of the 3 conditions applicable.

Example Usage for driver-list-state

let obj = {"ops_groups": ["test-ops-group", "b33ed748-e17f-4d93-905d-7238837736c6"], "tracking": "true"}
let urlEncodedStateString = encodeURIComponent(btoa(JSON.stringify(obj))) // B64 encoding followed by URI encoding



The above value can then be passed as the value of the driver-list-statequery param.