Distribute Orders App


The HyperTrack Orders App lets you assign work to you drivers without having to build your own driver app. Drivers can receive orders that need to be fulfilled, start on their route to fulfill them. Once they started work, they generate live location streams for live-order tracking, then complete orders and provide proof of completion as needed by your business. After orders in a route are completed, live tracking of the driver is stopped to ensure they are only tracked while they work.

HyperTrack supports two ways of inviting drivers to use the Orders App - via API and via our HyperTrack Dashboard UI.

Invite drivers via API

HyperTrack provides an Invite Driver API for you to generate personalized deep links for your driver to install the Orders App. Here's an example to get started quickly. Use your own driver unique identifier as the driver_handle to generate a unique invitation link payload in the request below:

To generate a deep link you can make a request as follows:

POST   https://v3.api.hypertrack.com/{driver_handle}/invite

If the driver_handle provided was driver_foo_1 it will generate a response as shown below with the invite_link which is a deep link URL that can be shared with the driver via Email,SMS or your preferred communication channel.

    "driver_handle": "driver_foo_1",
    "invite_link": "https://hypertrack-logistics.app.link/wqepoifv8f34c"

When the driver clicks the deep link URL it will take them to the Android or iOS app stores depending on their device and let them install the Orders App. When the app is installed, the HyperTrack SDK will generate a device_id that is automatically associated with the unique driver_handle that is submitted in the payload above.

Invite drivers via HyperTrack Dashboard

Operations managers can go to HyperTrack Dashboard, choose Workers in the left panel, navigate to click the right most icon with a "plus" on the top right. Once done so, they can manually create an entry for the worker. Once the worker's entry appears in the list, selecting it and clicking at the invite icon on the top right will allow to send an email with an app install link to the worker.