Many manufacturers of Android devices include battery saver services to their device firmware. Also there are many apps with similar purpose.

Those systems aggressively shutdown apps that are working in the background (like the apps with Hypertrack SDK do). The app and the SDK has no direct control on this process and unable to avoid being killed.

To fix this issue the user have to add the app to the whitelist of all battery saving services (for them to ignore the app and let it work without interruption).

We call this process "whitelisting".

If users doesn’t follow whitelisting instructions the SDK gets killed and tracking rate drops.

Usually outages that indicate whitelisting issue are:

  • Tracking services terminated
  • SDK killed by user
  • Refresh status denied
  • Multiple Location services disabled on OnePlus devices

You can check them in the Driver Timeline.

Note: Sometimes users say that they didn't kill the app although you can see SDK killed by user outages. This can happen when the user presses Kill all apps or Clear memory button on some devices, and the app is not locked from being killed. The user should follow the whitelisting instructions for their device to fix this

There is a community website https://dontkillmyapp.com that is dedicated to solving this problem. You can check the whitelisting instructions for your devices there.

If you need any additional help with unblocking the users of your apps with HyperTrack SDK from whitelisting issues - feel free to join our Slack community and ping us there.