Worker Profile

We provide the ability to customize, show and hide elements in our embeddable Worker Profile view. Each of the options can be provided as URL parameters to configure your custom embed experience.

map_only / map-onlytrue/falseProvides the ability to only show the map
timeline-onlytrue/falseThis will give you view with map and timeline card only
driver-stateBase64 encoded stringEncoding of a JSON object with fields described below
driver-state.timeline_datedate stringDate filter for the Worker timeline ("2024-04-01")
driver-state.show_timeline_activitytrue/falseToggle to show or hide the Worker activity from the timeline
driver-state.hide_timeline_datetrue/falseTo Toggle the date picker selector in Driver Profile
Example format for the  Embed URL:<driver_handle>?publishable_key=<publishable_key>&isAdmin=true&view=devices&driver-state=<b64_encoded_str>