The HyperTrack SDK version and the plugins versions have to be the same.

HyperTrack SDK Android uses the Plugin architecture to be able to adapt to different dependencies and add configurable logic.

Each HyperTrack SDK Android plugin has the corresponding React Native / Flutter / Ionic Capacitor / Cordova package to add to your app for corresponding platform.

Adding the plugin to the project will affect only the Android app. If you want to use only the iOS, you don't need to add any of them.

The Android setup for HyperTrack SDK has to include at least one plugin of each of those types:

  • Location Services
  • Push Service

Check the plugins list to get the type and description for each of them.

Here is the correspondence between each HyperTrack SDK Android Plugin (it's Maven Artifact ID) and plugins for other platforms:

  • location-services-google
    • React Native: hypertrack-sdk-react-native-plugin-android-location-services-google
    • Flutter: hypertrack_sdk_flutter_plugin_android_location_services_google
    • Ionic Capacitor: hypertrack_sdk_ionic_capacitor_plugin_android_location_services_google
    • Cordova: hypertrack_sdk_cordova_plugin_android_location_services_google
  • location-services-google-19-0-1
    • React Native: hypertrack-sdk-react-native-plugin-android-location-services-google-19-0-1
    • Flutter: hypertrack_sdk_flutter_plugin_android_location_services_google_19_0_1
    • Ionic Capacitor: hypertrack_sdk_ionic_capacitor_plugin_android_location_services_google_19_0_1
    • Cordova: hypertrack_sdk_cordova_plugin_android_location_services_google_19_0_1
  • push-service-firebase
    • React Native: hypertrack-sdk-react-native-plugin-android-push-service-firebase
    • Flutter: hypertrack_sdk_flutter_plugin_android_push_service_firebase
    • Ionic Capacitor: hypertrack_sdk_ionic_capacitor_plugin_android_push_service_firebase
    • Cordova: hypertrack_sdk_cordova_plugin_android_push_service_firebase