Hubspot-HyperTrack integration

Automatically track key customer meetings and manage revenue in Hubspot through HyperTrack


The HyperTrack Hubspot app allows you to add the power of HyperTrack's automated live location intelligence directly in Hubspot.

Businesses use this to improve revenue management and predictability by automatically tracking coverage of key customer accounts and building it into revenue forecasts. HyperTrack also enables automatic mileage tracking for sales representatives to reduce the manual processes and let your sales team focus on what matters most i.e. selling!

Adding HyperTrack to your Hubspot account

1. Install the HyperTrack app on Hubspot

In the Hubspot App Marketplace search for HyperTrack to reach our listing. Install the app in your Hubspot Account.

2. Setup your team

Invite your team to the HyperTrack Visits App as described in this guide to "Send Email invitations to your app users".

3. Setup your places

Setup your work places in HyperTrack as described in this guide to create geofences.

4. Worker Clock-in/out on the Visits App

Guide your sales team to clock-in on the Visits App when they are starting work. Clocking in will start their location tracking and automate detection of visits to the places setup in the previous step. This will also include automatically tracking the distance traveled to each visits and during the working session.

5. Consume visits information in Hubspot and create reports

HyperTrack will automatically track the visits by your team to the places setup and send them to your Hubspot account for each account.

The visits will be visible in the UI and you can automatically generate Hubspot reports to track the visits per manager and distance traveled for each visit for re-imbursements.