Use the following setup guides when you ready to add the HyperTrack SDK to your app, integrate your backend with HyperTrack APIs & webhooks, and add HyperTrack views to your front end.

  • Install SDK: SDK installation instructions for Android, iOS, React Native and Flutter apps
  • Setup and manage devices: Instructions to link user IDs from your application with HyperTrack device IDs, and add metadata to organize users into hierarchical orgs to filter views
  • Stream locations and markers via webhooks: Implement app logic and workflows by listening to your devices status and markers updates in real-time by receiving webhooks on your server
  • Build custom tracking views: Embed maps, timelines and insights in your ops dashboard with restricted access to data that respective dashboard users are authorized to view. Create live views in native apps with ViewsSDK. Create live tracking experiences for your customers. Build live tracking experiences without provisioning infrastructure to stream live locations to your native apps on mobile. You can create compelling live location tracking views in both desktop applications and mobile devices for your app users without having to provision your infrastructure.