New SDK Migration Guide

We're thrilled to announce the release of HyperTrack iOS SDK 5.0.0 and Android SDK 7.0.0.

This major update introduces a range of enhancements and improvements. While there are some breaking changes in these versions, these adjustments have been made to streamline both development and integration with the new SDK.

The most significant advancements in this release are:

User-friendly API:
The revamped static API is the highlight, standing out for its unmatched simplicity, ease of use, and conciseness.

Enhanced Responsiveness & Speed:
Experience quicker time to the first location and minimized system latency.

Superior Tracking Performance:
Delight in the improved quality, granularity, and accuracy of the location event stream.

Optimized Battery Efficiency:
Our refined tracking algorithm reduces unnecessary network calls, preserving battery life.

Decreased Binary Size:
The library's size optimization ensures a more compact overall app footprint.

To ensure a seamless transition, please review the detailed migration guide for your platform:

React Native
Ionic Capacitor