Getting Google Service account key for Firebase

To provide HyperTrack the access to sending push messages you need to get a JSON key for a Google Cloud Service account with Firebase access that is connected to your app.

The easiest way to get it is from Firebase console.

To obtain this key, you need:

  1. Login to your Firebase Console
  2. Go to Project Settings:

  1. Make sure Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1) is enabled

  1. Go to Service accounts and click Generate new private key. This will create a Firebase admin private key for your full Firebase Service Account. For a more limited key, see the section below.

  1. Copypaste the key file contents to the HyperTrack dashboard.

The downside of the key from Firebase console is that it has the admin privileges to all Firebase services.
You may want to create another Service account with more limited rights (FCM only).

Create a limited service account

  1. Go to Manage service account permissions.

  1. Create a Service account with Firebase Cloud Messaging Admin permissions

  2. Open Keys tab in the newly created account and download the JSON key