Whether managing deliveries, visits or rides, the first order of business is to assign orders to the fleet. HyperTrack works well in environments ranging from a central order assignment system that routes orders to local stores, who then use HyperTrack to assign orders to app users; to order assignment systems that use HyperTrack APIs to decide which store and app user to assign each order to.

We currently offer two starting points, and rapidly adding features to assign and route orders better.

  • Assign and route orders through the order assignment dashboard. Orders may be uploaded as CSV or posted through an API. Store managers can accept or decline orders, plan the accepted orders into trips, and then assign trips to available users. Live trip progress is tracked relative to plan, and all downstream tracking features come alive automatically. Fleets using Visits app will automatically see their trips with orders show up in the app, with auto checkin and checkout at arrival and exit respectively, and ability to add geotags to each visit.

  • Dispatch work to Nearby devices for on-demand orders. Proprietary order assignment systems can search nearest users through Nearby API, get a nearest first list of users sorted by live ETA, and merge those results with skills, vehicles, or other business considerations to significantly improve dispatch efficiency.