All HyperTrack features are available as views, webhooks, SDK callbacks, GraphQL subscriptions, APIs and exports. They may be consumed by region, team or any other application metadata of your choosing.

  • Embed views into ops dashboard: Views are available through your HyperTrack dashboard to all team members with dashboard access, or may be securely embedded into your own dashboards restricted by region, team or custom metadata. Additionally, they may be customized through URL parameters.

  • Build custom views with data: Custom experiences may be built within native and web apps by consuming tracked data as SDK callbacks on Android and iOS, or as queries and subscriptions by GraphQL front-ends.

  • Stream locations and markers via webhooks: Custom workflows may be built in the cloud with real-time streams of processed locations, activity, outage, geofence, trip and geotag markers, along with actionable summaries.

  • Get Insights from tracked data: Insights provide comprehensive maps and tables of operations for the past 10 days, 30 days or extended periods depending on the plan you are on. Insight views may be securely embedded into your business intelligence dashboards by region, team or custom metadata. All Insights data is available as CSV downloads through the Insights views or gzipped JSON via APIs.